Becoming Fluent In English Is Like Getting A Magic Key That Opens The Door To Life-Changing Opportunities

English is not just another language people learn for fun, in case they ever go on a vacation to one of the 53 countries where English is the official language.

More and more, English is becoming the language of international communication. This includes the world of business, technology, education, aviation, tourism, diplomacy, entertainment, social media, and the internet itself. 

The more a person's livelihood depends on English, the more English fluency has the potential to change their lives. 

This is especially true for immigrants, refugees, and international students who go to live in English-speaking countries.

English Classes Are Not Enough.

You Need The Missing Ingredient!

Becoming fluent in English can be extremely challenging and expensive. 

Even when people have the time and resources to invest, they often still struggle with anxiety and fear of making mistakes. This can negatively impact their confidence, motivation, and progress in speaking conversational English. 

English With Friends is here to help. We believe that the best way to improve your English is to practice with a native English-speaker on a regular basis.

We Match English Learners With Conversation Partners...For FREE!

English With Friends makes improving your English easier, more fun, more convenient, and more affordable! In fact, our program is 100% FREE, including the workbooks!

English With Friends offers a proven method to improve your conversational English through weekly online sessions with a native English-speaker who has volunteered and been trained to become your Conversation Partner.

Your new cross-cultural friend will help you develop your language skills, improve your pronunciation of speech patterns, expand your vocabulary, and increase your confidence.


Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT MD; PhD. Founder of the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration

"When I came to America from China in the 1980s as an international student, my dream of becoming a doctor was a great ambition. But my understanding of the impact I could make was as small as the $50 in my pocket. I never dreamed of inventing technology that would help restore sight to millions of patients around the world.

I am confident that my journey from great ambition to great impact could never have been accomplished without becoming fluent in English.   

Learning English starts in the classroom, but nothing can accelerate your language skill faster than practicing conversational English with a native-English speaking cross-cultural friend on a weekly basis.

That is why I recommend being matched with a Conversation Partner through English With Friends.

I’m excited to imagine the ways you will impact the world as this program impacts your life!"



Who Are These Conversation Partners And What Are The Workbooks Like?

English With Friends is an organization sponsored by Christian donors. So the Conversation Partners we recruit and train are native English-speaking volunteers who also happen to be Christians.

And since we are helping people learn the most popular language in the world (which is English), we decided to do it using the best-selling book in the world (which is the Bible).  

More specifically, the three workbooks we use to facilitate weekly conversations together include short stories from the Bible. The typical session is about 60 minutes long. Each person takes a turn reading the story. This gives you the chance to speak and to listen, as well as discuss new words and practice pronunciations. You will also get to share about your lives and your cultures as it relates to the topic.

Over time, you and your Conversation Partner will likely become special friends.

And though your  Conversation Partner is certainly more than happy to hear about your beliefs and share about their own, we are committed to creating a non-threatening atmosphere where debate is avoided and agreement is not required.


Denzel Muhong (from Congo)

"I have followed many other programs and knew decent English grammar and vocabulary.

I reached the point where I stopped seeing progress and even stopped taking ESL classes.

Then I met Tyler through a program at church and I saw progress from the second day already.

Being in an environment where I could speak freely and be corrected in the most kindly manner gave me just the will to speak more. Having to practice with an English speaker helped me communicate with the ones I encountered on the street and at work. I learned so many new words. My pronunciation and fluency improved drastically.

After my sessions with Tyler, I was able to get a job and did pretty well for someone who started learning English less than one year before.

I greatly recommend English With Friends. I have been talking to many people about it."

-Denzel Muhong (from Congo)

About Tyler Ellis, Founder of English With Friends

I got my start in traveling the world back in 1999, at the age of 19, when I lived in Samoa for over a year doing volunteer work.

I slept under a mosquito net in a hut with a banana leaf roof; lived on the property of a man who had a tattoo from his belly button to his knees; ate lots of taro and yellow fin tuna; played on a soccer team; and wore slippers and a lava lava (skirt for men) every day.  

It was then that my eyes were opened for the first time to appreciate the goodness of another culture, with all its unique customs.

But as much as I enjoyed the unfamiliar food, music, and traditions, nothing compared to the experience of sitting cross-legged on the floor to share a meal with my new Samoan friends.    

Those fourteen months set my life on a new course. I knew then that my future had to include cross-cultural friendships.


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