For me…

  • It’s sharing stories and inside jokes with my Vietnamese friend, who went on to become my roommate and a groomsman in my wedding.
  • It’s dispelling misconceptions and finding common ground over coffee and baklava with my Saudi Arabian friend; me being his first Christian friend; and him being my first Muslim friend.
  • It’s looking across the table, delighting to see my children sharing Thanksgiving dinner with international students from India and China.
  • It’s proudly wearing a soccer jersey, that’s two sizes too small, because it was a gift from my Congolese friend who got a job after improving his English through our weekly sessions together.



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Tyler Ellis has been in ministry since 1998, including five years with theĀ Adventures In MissionsĀ program and fourteen in College Ministry.

His travels have taken him to nearly 10 countries, including mission work in South Korea, Australia, Samoa, and Honduras.

These experiences paved the way for him to foundĀ English With Friends in 2020.

Tyler is a contributor to Campus Ministry Today, and serves on the team that hostsĀ God's Not DeadĀ events at universities around the world.Ā 

HeĀ is the author of the award-winning book, Question Everything,Ā andĀ is best known for his TEDx Talk about Jesus and the afterlife, with captions now translated into nearly 20 languages.

He lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife Jennifer and three daughters.

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